Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yay for being productive!

Today I have felt pretty productive for a Sunday! Usually most sundays I feel like I wait until night until I acknowledge the fact that I have a bunch of homework to do ir things to get done before the week starts. However, today I got up around 9 went to church, went to a study session, worked on midterm reviews and cleaned my room and have laundry going all by only mid day! I feel quite successful, lets hope this is the start to a good week! Hope everyone else is having a good Sunday and has a good week ahead! 

Just some random funnies to make you smile!


  1. It's just another one of those days right? Then the next day doesn't bring much promise like the last one.

    Maybe you just got caught up in the moment, hope you enjoy your week!

  2. I had a fairly productive Sunday as well, did a lot of little home renovations. I like the pictures too, haha!

  3. First picture is priceless! :D