Thursday, February 23, 2012


So have any of you wondered what this hype of Pinterest is or what its for, or what you do etc? Well I recently caved in and created an account and I think it is awesome! So basically the idea of it is to "pin, your interests" clever i know. So basically what you do is create Boards. These boards can be titled whatever you want, and you can create as many of them as you want. Once you have these boards you can pin virtually anything to them. So say you have a board that is called "Delicious Food" and than your surfing the web and find some great looking food or deserts r anything and you want to either share it with others or even just save it so you can come back to it later. So you can "pin" that item to your board and than it will be in that board forever unless you delete it. Like most social networking you can also follow people on Pintrest. So when you pin something it shows to all of your followers and if they like it they can comment, like it, or repin it. Repining things is awesome! You can find the best things from other peoples pins. You have a feed of everyone of your followers pins and you can scroll through and find cool pictures, outfits, DIY crafts, quotes, recipes, etc etc. When you find something you really like or want to add to one of your boards you simply click repin and choose what board to pin it to and there ya go! Its now on your board! Basically this site is to find awesome things you may have never found that are out there on the internet as well as sharing them with your friends and followers. You can link it directly to Facebook or Twitter and automatically have people to follow. A lot of the original pins even come from Blogger and so it also allows you to find more cool blogs to follow! I think that if you havent tried this out you are missing out and I would recommend for everyone to try it!

                      Below are just 2 of my boards and some of the things I have pinned on them!
This is my "Hair and Fashion" Board

This is my "Fun ideas" Board

This is my "Sweet treats and delicious meals" Board


  1. Every day I see more and more people getting involved in Pinterest, maybe I'll finally start checking it out :P


  2. I really dont know what to think about this actually

  3. Ah that looks awesome. I'm just starting out on pinterest. :)

  4. Funny, I was actually just going to ask a Facebook friend what this was.
    -Ryan (