Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So tonight I had my second Math midterm of this quarter. Prior to my test as I was cramming  and re-doing the practice test to make sure I knew how to do all the types of problems I was thinking man I wish I had more time, but at the same time I wish this was just over! hah I am glad to say that It is over now and I can relax! Not really, I have a quiz in one class tomorrow as well as My second Chemistry midterm on Thursday! I have been having midterms for the past mont, at least one a week! Next week a get a break and have no midterms with only one project due! I cant wait for that! Gives me just a little break to get ready for finals! My school is on the quarter system instead of semesters and it really moves a lot faster, It always seems as though you have a big test or project or something just right around the corner, even if you just finished one. However, there are some plus' to being on the quarter system like if you hate a class or a teacher, it ends a lot quicker, you get to take more classes and supposedly you can graduate faster. Anyways my point was tests suck and suck even more when your practice tests and lectures and such never have the same things as the actual test...


  1. Had the same thing happen to me when I was doing my biology exam! Man the whole class was pissed at out teacher, I just lol'd all the way.

  2. That venn diagram of yours - perfect. My thoughts after every exam of mine.

  3. :D that graphic is so cool :)


  4. Its always the same shit with school

  5. Have to agree with your venn diagram!

    If you think quarters are bad, you'd loathe my school.
    We go by a very different system here, where you study the same 12 subjects (5 math and Irish a week, 3 of most others! Eep!!) for THREE YEARS, and then get tested on all during the Summer.

    Then, you either drop out, or take two more years, and get quizzed on all that. Worst of all, at the very end, they only quiz you on around half the topics, because each day is only around 7 or 8 hours, so most of what you learned is for nothing. Humph.

    I just wish we only had to learn things from one quarter!